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North Korea, officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is a country in East Asia on the north part of the Korean Peninsula. Pyongyang is North Korea's capital and is also the largest city. Tourism has been growing in the last few years. There has been a lot of tension along the Korean Peninsula and the United Nations have imposed tough sanctions against the leaders of North Korea due to it's increased nuclear and missile tests.

Below you will find images of North Korea's popular places and also check out the popular North Korea videos listed as well.

Kim Il-sung Square

Location: Pyongyang, North Korea
Known for: Kim Il-sung Square is a large opened city square in the Central District of Pyongyang. The Square is named after the country's founding leader, Kim Il-sung.
Popular Attractions: The Square is a popular and significance gathering spot for military parades and speeches from the leadership of North Korea. This is commonly featured in media and images which usually show well organized large rallies and spectacular parades demonstrating the power of the military.
Did you know?: The Square can hold a gathering of more than 100 thousand people and is the worlds thirty seventh largest square in the world.


North Korea Facts and Tourism Info Below

Kim Il Sung Square

The Kim-Il sung Square is in the heart of Pyongyang and is the site of the massive televised military parades showcasing the power of the DPRK. Other Festive events include dance, rallies and other popular parades.

Large government buildings surround the square including a very popular large library called the Grand People's Study house which includes over 30 million books and even has a room full of late 80's cassette recorders

Other popular buildings include the Korean National Art Gallery which is filled with very high quality pre-war Korean art and a history museum thats worth the visit. One poular place is the Ryongwang Coffee Shop which serves some of the best coffee you can find.

Kim Il-Sung University

The University has its main academic buildings which has over 50 labratories, printing press, museums and libraries. The courses include Social Science and Natural Science which takes five years to complete.

The education system modeled largely on that of the Soviet Union includes one year of kindergarten, four years of primary education, six years of secondary education, and then on to university.

Every university in North Korea has to receive certain percentage of discharged soldiers that has served longer than three years and workers employed longer than five years.

Take a Pyongyang Subway Ride

Yŏnggwang Station is a station on the Mangyongdae Line of the Pyongyang Metro and has large Mosaics on the walls and the workmanship that went into these is astounding.

In 2010 North Korea relaxed the rules but before that it was one of the only two stations that tourists could visit, the other one being Puhung Station. The station along with Puhung Station are two of the most finely decorated in the system to cater to tourists, and also were the last two to be completed. The stations are kept clean and nicely decorated with mosaics. You must go very deep down escalators to reach the train subway.

This is a very attractive underground train system to explore and one of the few chances to really be amongst locals. It is not uncommon for the locals to give their seats on the train to foreigners if needed.

Paektu Mountain

Paektu Mountain also called Mount Baekdu is the highest mountain on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast China. It is an active volcano and a huge crater lake named Heaven Lake is in on top of the mountain.

Seeing that the mountain itself is impressive as the beauty of the area is breathtaking. The forest on the Chinese side is ancient and looks untouched by humans. Baekdu Spa is located on the mountain and is a natural spring used for bottled water

Some of the most beautiful North Korea images are taken around Mount Paektu. Mount Paektu is a common tourist destination for foreign tourists in North Korea and there is several waterfalls including the Hyongje Falls which splits into two separate falls about a third of the way from the top and is a spectacular must see sight to check out.

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